Hi Frnds today i share some tricks to speed up ur Chrome Browser. Experts said google chrome is the fastest browser yup its right because it uses DNS prefetching and SPDY protocals instead of only using HTTP so we can load the pages fastly but sometimes chrome starts working slowly and hesitate you now i give you the tips for bypass the condition and increase the speed to chrome to highest rate.

1. Disable the unwanted Plugins

In Chrome many plugins are used which we not used for a single time by disable the unwanted plugins speed of chrome increases below are the steps followed to disable the plugins

* Open your chrome browser and type the following address in address bar and hit enter
* Now the chrome plugins page will load, uncheck the unwanted plugins which are not it use or delete the plugin.
2. Disable the unwanted Extensions
Same like the plugins, Extensions are also running which we not use you can disable those extensions by follow the steps given below it increases the speed of Chrome
* Open your chrome browser and type the following address in the address bar
To check the full list of extensions installed in your browser, simply Click on Wrench icon on your toolbar, navigate to Tools and then click on Extensions.
* You will now going to see an extensions list which is supporting your browser.
3. Simply uncheck the extensions which are not needed or just delete those extensions which are not needed for you.
3.Clear your browsing history
The website which are visited by you are saved in your chrome browser it takes lot of memory space and slow down the speed of chrome these includes cache and cookies data also now you can delete all of them by simply following the steps given below:
* Click on Control and customize chrome button or Wrench icon as i mentioned earlier.
* Choose Tools > Clear browsing data.
* Simply, choose the time range and other types of  extra features which are listed below in that dialog box, click Clear browsing  data.
That’s all  now your chrome browser is Speeded up and enjoy with fast browsing…..
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