Hii folks whatsapp come for google chrome we know that whatsapp is the most used messenger nowadays now we can access it through our PC


1.  Your Mobile must have latest version of Whatsapp.

2. Google Chrome in Your PC.

3. Internet Connection in Both Mobile and PC.

Steps To Be Followed:

Step 1: Go to in Google Chrome. You will see a page given below

Step 2: You will see a QR code which you have to scan from your mobile so open whatsapp in your android mobile by clicking Menu > Whatsapp Web and scan the QR code.

Step 3: Thats all now your Mobile and Whatsapp web client are paired then the messages load in Whatsapp Web client in Chrome given below..

Note: You must have the updated version of whatsapp in Android to use this service you can download it by Click This Link

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